Our family business has been enjoying these waters for four generations since the 1920’s and we are excited to show off our beautiful area to your family during this enjoyable cruise.

Dolphin Watching Tour

Want to have a chance to spot the Florida local wildlife up close in their natural Habitat? Look no further than the ORIGINAL dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour inside Johns Pass Madeira beach at Hubbard’s Marina aboard The Big Blue Boat.

Our operation is family owned and operated for nearly 90 years and four generations since we started from row boats back in the 1920’s. During our relaxing, safe and fun hour and a half dolphin cruise through the calm protected Back Bay waters you will spot dolphins, see the million dollars home, visit a bird nesting island, and a commercial fishing village as well.

Dolphin sightings are even guaranteed since we have been doing this for so long we are able to predict when and where the dolphins will be. Plus, you have a great shot at spotting Manatees, Bald eagles, Osprey, Herons, Egrets, Roseate spoonbills, Skimmers, and many more local seabirds too! On top of all the great sights the captain and crew will also be narrating during the tour to make sure you hear all about the local area and when you spot the local wildlife they will tell you more about the great sights you enjoy during the fun cruise provided at Hubbard’s Marina.

The Big blue boat we take you cruising on with us also has a men and woman’s bathroom, and a full snack bar complete with candy, snacks, crackers, cold water, soda, beer and wine. Also, the boat has a large seating area to accommodate any sized groups with large aisles to make maneuvering the vessel easy. When you do spot the local wildlife or anytime throughout the cruise once safely away from the dock you’re welcomed to stand up and enjoy the boat and its many amenities until we approach the dock for the trip’s return.

The large safe and US Coast guard inspected vessel we take you out on is controlled by a USCG Master captain and your first mates area always well trained and very experienced to help you identify the local wildlife that you might spot during the trip, plus they are very knowledgeable on the eco systems to ensure the safety and preservation of our local resources. This Dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour with Hubbard’s Marina aboard the big blue boat is great for families with any sized or age children and anyone who enjoys spotting beautiful sights, sounds and wildlife.

Big Blue Boat Features:

  • 58 foot Sea Ark catamaran hull that allows a very stable comfortable ride

  • We cruise the protected, calm, and safe Back Bay waters of Boca Ceiga bay

  • Quite efficient motors that allow us a stealthy approach on the local wildlife

  • Our twin hauled vessels allow us more displacement to sneak into the skinny waters mono hauled vessels can’t access, allowing us more flexibility to show off more of our local area and local marine mammals

  • Also, since our boats have been running these trips for nearly 90 years the dolphins have gotten to know us and literally come up to say hello, often you can see them lay on their backs along the sides of the boat and wave to our excited and satisfied guests when they are in playful moods

  • A large comfortable seating area to accommodate any size small or large group very comfortably while enjoying a beautiful sea breeze with the comfort of shade due and if there’s a chill in the air we have clear plastic wind breakers to lower so you can enjoy the view without dealing with the chilled air which doesn’t happen often in the sunshine state.

  • Forward facing bench seating allowing easy viewing of the local sights, sounds and wildlife

  • Two heads or Men and woman’s bathrooms located at the stern of the vessel

  • Fully stocked snack bar including cold water, soda, beer and wine plus snacks, candy and chips too

  • Clear high quality PA system with stereo speakers throughout the boat to easily hear the captain and crews narration

  • Radio system to play relaxing tunes while the captain isn’t telling you about the local area and local wildlife

  • Large aisles to allow easy maneuvering of the vessel

  • Plenty of room to move around the boat when the wildlife gets close to our friendly boat

  • Coast guard inspected vessel with more than what is required for safety of our passengers

  • Master licensed captain and experienced crew to provide a safe, fun, relaxing, and enjoyable cruise

  • We the ORIGINAL dolphin entertainment cruise in the entire state since 1928

  • Family owned and operated and family orientated cruises for four generations

Plus, if you want to spend the day inside Historic Johns Pass for great local shops, restaurants and bars you can use your ticket for $5 all day parking in the garage, or you can use the meters if you only plan to stay for the hour and a half relaxing tour. Hubbard’s Marina is the only dolphin cruise company in the area with its own parking dedicated to our cruising friends. Making your arrival easy and your walk short to board our beautiful big blue boat for some fun in the sun