Plenty of the Juvenile sea birds or teenagers around the bird nesting islands right now that have left the nests but are not quite adults yet. These birds are funny to spot around the island still very awkwardly learning how to hang on the island, learning to fly and fish. While still pretty dependent on their parents they can be found around the nesting island with ease and are easy to spot as their feathers and size are a giveaway as the big blue dolphin cruise boat tours the island.  


Dolphins are feeding heavily right now around our back bay waters of Johns Pass in small groups of two to four dolphins as they hunt down the mullet, ladyfish and jack crevalle they can find around the grass flats or mangrove shorelines. They will put on quite a show chasing those fish around the shallows pushing lots of water and splashing around. Then once they catch the fish, they will toss them up in the air and flip them around until they are in position to swallow them head first.  


We have had some very picture perfect sunsets as of late with some gorgeous views as the cloudy weather provides a killer back drop for our beautiful sunset hour. With the sun light reflecting off the clouds and bouncing around the area making some outstanding colorful views for the lucky visitors and locals who join us for our daily sunset cruise that offers FREE beer and wine every night around 7pm.  


Last week we had a big bald eagle fly right past the bow of our dolphin boat holding a nice fat mullet in his talons for a nice meal! This was a great sight to see the bald eagles showing up. As the weather cools up north we have a HUGE influx of these beautiful birds of prey into our area. We look forward to late September each year when our local bald eagle numbers exponentially grow for the ‘winter’ time.  


Call us today to book your dolphin tour at (727)393-1947 and get more information on this trip at our website here ->  

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