Great time of year to join us for a dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour, behind the fronts we have very active large groups of dolphins chasing the mullet schools flushing out of the pass into the Gulf of Mexico. These dolphins are actively feeding and spend plenty of time on the surface. Sometimes you can even get lucky and see them playing ‘catch’ with the mullet to teach the young juvenile dolphins how to hunt and use their sonar to catch these now stunned mullet when they get tossed back and forth. Here’s all the information on our dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour -

Also, our sunset cruise with FREE beer and wine has been often spotting dolphins along the beaches feeding on the mullet so it’s a beautiful time of year for a relaxing and fun ‘party’ cruise during the sunset tour at Hubbard’s Marina. To learn more about the fun filled sunset cruise with free beer and wine check out this link -
Were also spotting lots of bald eagles in the area right now too. Since the weather is cold up north these beautiful large birds of prey head south to hangout in our area for the winter.

We are also spotting lots of manatees lately as they exit the passes and cruise the beaches up north to the Homosassa and Ocala area to hangout in the springs and stay warm in the regulated springs which stay 72 degrees all year long!

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