Red tide readings for the pass have been low this week, were hoping it goes down to very low with the weather coming mid week next week, but time will tell. Red tide is a very dynamic event some days its hardly noticeable other days its mild effects can be felt but for the most part this week healthy individuals never really noticed any effects or symptoms of the red tide brevatoxin which causes the breathing irritation and the red eyes. However, the water is a little dirty in the pass this week compared to last week were hoping this trend is reversed in the coming days. However, it hasn’t hindered our ability to enjoy the dolphin cruises and sunset tours.

The sunset cruise with FREE BEER AND WINE has been a great time this past week with gorgeous weather, stellar sunset views and the occasional big pod of dolphins playing around the boat along the sunset cruise route. We are hoping this continues in the coming week, but we did want you to know that our sunset cruise time has changed to 5pm instead of 5:30pm due to the ending of day light savings time.

The dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour lately has been seeing plenty of seabirds around the area including ospreys and bald eagles. Plus, the dolphins are moving in larger groups and when we finally find them they seem to be extra playful as they show the juveniles how to hunt and maneuver around in the water. However, because they are in larger groups it makes it tough to find them easily but once we do it’s always very exciting.

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