Red tide continues to be present in the area but it’s a moving target each day sometimes we see it at the tail end of the incoming tide, some days it’s not even noticeable ever. The water in the pass seems to be clearing up nicely and it looked really good Wednesday and Thursday morning around Johns pass and Madeira beach. The city and county continues to do a very good job at proactive cleanup and there’s still tons of boats around collecting any dead fish out of the water before they wash ashore or get trapped in the back bays. Most of the cleanup is happening to our south and to our north and we seem to be very blessed with little if any dead fish present in our area. But, it can change with a disruption in the weather pattern or changing winds, any sort of a west wind pushes more dead fish into the area from where they are hanging offshore. However, for the most part our dolphin trips and sunset cruises are fairly red tide free this past week without much of anything to report negatively.

Our sunset cruise has been spotting lots of dolphins lately as we cruise down Treasure island beach watching the sunset to our left and beautiful gulf beaches to the right, we have been seeing huge pods of dolphins too! We don’t guarantee dolphins sightings aboard the sunset cruise like we do aboard our dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tours daily, but we do have free beer and wine on the sunset cruise. However, lately our sunset cruise has been spotting lots of playful dolphins along with the free beer and wine and beautiful front row view of the gorgeous sunsets!

The dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour lately has been seeing plenty of seabirds around the area including ospreys and bald eagles. Plus, the dolphins are moving in larger groups and when we finally find them they seem to be extra playful as they show the juveniles how to hunt and maneuver around in the water. However, because they are in larger groups it makes it tough to find them easily but once we do it’s always very exciting.

Right now, is an awesome time to experience some great times on the water at Hubbard’s Marina while cruising the back-bay waters of upper Boca Ceiga bay aboard the big blue dolphin boat out of Johns Pass Madeira beach. Our hour and a half dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour with guaranteed dolphin sightings has been spotting large pods of dolphin and it’s been super nice weather for us too. Plus, our entire cruise is narrated so the captain will tell you all about the local area and local wildlife as well. If you want to learn more about the relaxing, fun and family friendly Johns Pass dolphin watching tour with us at Hubbard’s Marina check out this page -

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